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Basic Information: What is E - Remit?

It is an online IMT (International Money Transfer) service offered by SBI Sydney to its customers for remitting AUD & INR to India  and 5 other major currencies to anywhere across the globe.

What currencies does E-Remit support?



Which countries can I transfer money to?

You can transfer money anywhere in the world in the above mentioned currencies.

What are E- Remit’s fees?

Fee for Bpay Payment Option for Remittance in INR :



0-<A$ 1000

A$ 2.00

A$ 1000-<A$ 10000

A$  4.00

A$ 10000-<A$ 25000

 A$ 8.00

>=A$ 25000


Fee for Poli Payment Option for Remittance in INR :



0-<A$ 1000

A$ 2.00

A$ 1000-<A$ 10000

A$  4.00

A$ 10000-<A$ 25000

 A$ 8.00

>=A$ 25000


Fee for Poli & Bpay Payment Option for Remittance in all other currencies (AUD, USD, EUR, GBP, CAD & NZD)



0-<A$ 25000

A$ 10

>=A$ 25000



Note: Please note that the beneficiary may receive a lesser amount in the foreign currency due to the fee levied by  intermediary bank and the beneficiary bank for which we have no control.  Typically the beneficiary account will be credited with net of other bank fees which varies from $20 to $50.

Remittance fees are subject to change from time to time.

What are Swift codes, ABA & IBAN numbers and Sort Codes?

SWIFT/BIC  Code: It is a unique identification code for financial and non - financial institutions.

ABA Code: A routing code used in the United States to identify the financial institution in which it was drawn.

IBAN Number: An international system of identifying bank accounts across national borders to facilitate the communication and processing of cross border transactions.

Sort Codes: The code the British and Irish banking industry use to identify banks when routing money transfers.

BSB Code: Bank State Branch (BSB) code used in Australia and New Zealand to identify a bank’s branch.

CHIPS (Clearing House Inter-Bank Payment System) : Applicable only for USA and Canada

IFSC Code: Applicable only for India. 9 Character Alphanumeric Code to identify the branch of a bank.

Can I make a transfer to SBIS in any other currency than in AUD?


Which currency pair transfers can SBIS support?


















What are the payment options available to transfer the money to SBIS?

We offer two options—Bpay and Poli.

What is OTP (One Time Password)?

It is an authentication code of 4 digits sent to the customer to verify the validity of their contact details.

What personal details can I modify through e-Remit ?

You can modify/change your Password, Occupation, email id, Security Questions, Address and Phone number in eRemit. Any other modifications can be done only by the Bank.

Exchange Rate: What is the Exchange Rate?

It is the rate at which we convert Australian dollar to a foreign currency.

At what rate will E-Remit transfer my money?

We transfer your money at the rate committed when the transaction is submitted.  In case of BPAY payment option, AUD should reach us within 48 hours to enable us to hold the exchange rate.  Failure to transfer AUD to us within 48 hours may result in cancellation of the transaction and/or change in exchange rate. The rates are also displayed on our website and while making the application.

Can I get a better exchange rate than one displayed online in e-Remit Portal?

For transactions above A$25000, we may be able to offer a special rate.  Many a times special rates are also published in our portal (post login page) and automatically captured at the transaction level. You can also use our currency calculator to ascertain the applicable exchange rate

Will the beneficiary receive the exact same amount which I had transferred?

There are no other hidden fees charged by SBI Sydney.  However, there might be some intermediary/beneficiary bank charges which might be deducted by the participating banks through which the money is transferred. In such case, State Bank of India, Sydney is not responsible for the change in amount as we have no control over such fees.

Transaction: What is the proof of my transaction?

You will receive a system generated email once your transaction is processed.

What is the Transaction reference number?

It is the individual identification number for each transaction processed by us. 

My transaction shows “Awaiting verification”, what does that mean?

 The status will remain "Awaiting Verification" till the transferred funds are received and verified by SBI Sydney.

How would I know that my application has been processed?

Transaction Status "Verified" indicates that the application has been processed and funds have been remitted for onward credit to beneficiary's account.

What are the different Status of my transaction?


  1. Transaction Under Verification
  2. Transaction Verified
  3. Transaction Cancelled

How do I create a transfer with E-Remit?

Login to your account and submit a transfer request by clicking "Overseas Remittance". Enter the required information which are self explicit. If you have any enquiries, please contact our Client Services Team via email at or call 02-92415643 during business hours Monday – Friday 9:00a.m. AEST to 4:00p.m.

Do I need to contact E-Remit when I make a remittance application?

No, you can submit a remittance request through our online portal. You can contact our customer service team in case of difficulties, if any.

How long will it take to transfer money through E-Remit?

For AUD/INR Transactions

Money will reach the beneficiary account in a maximum of 1-2 working days.

For Other Currency Pair Transactions

Other currency pair transactions may take up to 3-4 working days to reach the beneficiary account depending on the number of correspondent banks involved in the transfer.

What if the Transaction status is "Verified" and funds have not reached / credited in Beneficiary Account?

When a transaction status is Verified confirms that System has confirmed receipt of funds into our nominated account. Under certain circumstances, SBIS may be compelled "not to release" your transaction for credit to beneficiary account (for instance: when SBIS has sufficient reason to believe that the funds have not been transferred from your own bank account). Under such circumstances, SBIS will contact you over email or phone to seek necessary information. In case SBIS is unable to obtain the required information from you, SBIS will cancel the transaction and initiate a refund to the bank account from where the funds have been received.

How do I cancel my transfer with E-Remit?

Once the application is submitted, we will not be able to cancel the application. For exceptions, please refer to our terms and conditions. Click here to view our T&C.

What is the cut-off time for remittance application?

Our services are available 24x7. However, certain restrictions are in place for transactions submitted after normal business hours.

After hours transaction limits.

AUD – INR – upto A$200,000

All other currency pairs – upto A$ 25,000

What is the minimum and maximum I can transfer with E-Remit?

There is no Minimum and maximum amount limits fixed by SBIS except after hour transactions limits as discussed above.  However, you need to be aware of the transfer limits imposed by your banks.

What happens if the beneficiary account could not be credited for any reason or returned in error?

We will inform/email you the details/reason for failure. If you wish to reprocess the same transaction to a different beneficiary or with amended details of the same beneficiary such as correct account number etc., we can do it manually. If you request for a refund in AUD, the back conversion will be done at the prevailing rates and the exchange losses will be borne by you.  Return/Refund processing charges will apply in each case. Click here to view our T&C.

Can I get a refund if I cancel my online money transfer?

It depends on the circumstances specific to your transaction. Please contact us for more information.

Before the transaction is processed by us -

If your recall/cancellation request is accepted, we shall credit the funds back to your bank account o receipt of funds from the beneficiary bank. Depending on the correspondents, it may take 7-14 days for the funds to appear in your account.

After the transaction is processed by us -

At your specific request, we may be able to place a recall request with the beneficiary bank. Please note, recall of funds is done only on best effort basis. We do not guarantee the refund under any circumstances.

Safety and Security: Is it safe to send money through E-Remit?

SBI is the largest bank in India and ranked 45th globally in terms of total asset size. SBI is duly licensed to provide remittance services by ASIC and regulated by AUSTRAC and APRA.

What if the receiver doesn’t have a Bank account?

We support bank to bank transfer only.

Which browser should I use for eRemit?

We encourage you to use Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari or Mozilla Firefox as eRemit website works best with these browsers.

Who are usually the correspondents or intermediaries for the transactions?

 All our transactions are routed through international banks. We are not involved with any third-party intermediaries or money changers.

Funding : I want to fund my transaction through a credit card, is this possible?


Can I send money to SBI Sydney through somebody else's Bank account

No, we don’t accept third party transactions.

Can I send money through somebody with a joint bank account?

Yes, if you are one of the account holders.

How do I deposit money with E-Remit?

You can transfer funds through PoLi and BPay. To know more about PoLi visit,

I made an error in my payment details, can this be corrected?

Please email us immediately with the details of the amendment required. We may be able to amend/cancel the details only if the transaction is still ‘Pending Verification’.

Refer a Friend: What is the SBI refer a friend promotion?

It is a promotion where we give our existing customers a chance to be rewarded with the 10,000 loyalty points for referring a friend to us

How does refer a friend work?

Refer a friend promotion is based on a unique promo code that is assigned to each of our existing customers. When a new customer onboards with is while using one such code from an existing customer, the latter is eligible to get 10,000 loyalty points when this new customer completes a transaction worth A$3000 through eRemit.

When will I be eligible to get 10000 loyalty points?

You will get 10000 loyalty points provided:

  1. Your friend registers with us.
  2. Your friend mentions the promo code (given by you) while registering for the eremit service.
  3. Your completes a transaction of 3000 AUD.

Who can I refer as a friend?

Any person who is not a customer and is not registered with SBIS for e remit services.

How can my friend register for SBI e-remit service?

We offer a fully online onboarding solution for anyone to register for eremit services. This can be done by visiting, filling up the details and submitting the application. On successful verification, the client will be onboarded.

How many friends can I refer?

You can refer as many people you want.

Will I get different promo code for each friend?

No. You will get one unique promo code and the same code can be given to all your friends.

Does my friend have to mention the given promo code?

Yes. At the time of registering for eremit, your friend must mention the promo code in the appropriate field on the first page of registration form.

Any suggestions about reaching more people?

We suggest you share your code on your Facebook account, WhatsApp group, twitter, emails.

For how long is the referral code valid?

There is no expiry date for the referral code.

Loyalty Points : What are SBI Loyalty Points?

SBI Loyalty Points are loyalty points that you earn upon joining, upon referrals, and with every successful transaction. However, these can be redeemed only against AUD-INR transactions.


How many SBI Loyalty Points can I redeem at once?

Maximum of 10000 SBI Loyalty Points can be redeemed in one AUD-INR transaction. So, if you have 30000 SBI Loyalty Points in your account, you will have to redeem them in 3 different transactions.

What are the maximum and minimum Loyalty point I can redeem and the benefits associated with it?

Please see table below

Loyalty points

Exchange Rate Benefit

Fees Benefit



















SBI SYDNEY reserves the right to modify the structure at any given point of time, with or without prior notice.

Are all my transactions eligible for Loyalty Points?

Yes, all the transactions are eligible for Loyalty points except,

  1. a) The transactions done using any Promo Code.
  2. b) The transactions in which Loyalty points are redeemed.
  3. c) The transactions done on any exchange rate except Card Rate (Special Rate applied by SBI Staff will override the benefit of Loyalty Points).

What happens if I request to cancel the transaction on which Loyalty points were redeemed?

SBI Sydney reserves the right to cancel the transaction with or without restoring the redemption of the Loyalty points. In case the Loyalty points are added back, the immediate next AUD-INR transaction is eligible for the benefits of redemption.

Can I undo the redemption of the Loyalty points?

No, Loyalty Points once redeemed cannot be un- redeemed. The benefits of the redemption will be available for the next  AUD-INR transaction  initiated irrespective of the time lapse between redemption and next transaction.

For how long are my SBI Loyalty Points valid?

The SBI Loyalty Points do not have an expiry.

Can I encash my SBI Loyalty Points?

No, you can only redeem your SBI Loyalty Points against AUD-INR transactions with us.

Can I transfer my SBI Loyalty Points to someone else?

No, the SBI Loyalty Points credited to your account can be used only by you.

Can I redeem the Points with any other Promotion?

No, the redemption of Points cannot be clubbed with any promotion. Also, you do not earn any points for transactions done using the Promo Code or while redeeming Loyalty points.




Online Sign Up & Registration: Who can sign up for e-Remit services?

Any Australian resident individual can access, use and avail our services subject to successful registration.

Why is sign up required?

As per Australian Regulations, we can provide international money transfer services to individuals registered as our customer.

Will it cost me to sign up with SBI e-remit?

No. It is free.

How much time will the registration for e-remit service take?

If you have all the information required readily available and verifiable by us, then registration can be completed with 10 minutes

Can I save my application and complete it later?

Yes. If you wish to save your application, you can select ‘save and edit later’ option which will generate an automated email to your registered email. When you wish to resume the application, you can click on the ‘resume application’ link in the email and you will be required to enter the following details to proceed:

  1. Application Number
  2. Date of Birth

Till when is my incomplete onboarding application held with SBI e-remit?

We hold your application on our record for 2 weeks, unless you instruct us to delete your application before that.

When can I use a promo code/friend referral code?

Please enter a promo code if you have one or a referral code shared by your friend.  If you do not have one currently, please leave the box blank.

What all are required for sign up (one time process)?

To sign for SBI eRemit, you will need to create an online profile with the following details:

  1. Personal Details
  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Address
  • Occupation
  • Income Range 
  1. Identity Details
  • Passport (Australian/International) And/ Or
  • Driver’s License

Is there a password setting rule?

Yes. Password length should be between 6 to 10 characters

Is identity document upload necessary?

Generally, no. In certain cases, we may require identity/income documents to be uploaded 

What is mobile/email verification?

As the mobile and email are the primary communication channels, we need to the verify them at the time of registration.

How is my mobile no and Email id verified?

A One Time 4-digit code (OTP) will be sent to you email and mobile which needs to be entered in the dialog box provided against OTP. 

What if I have not received the OTP to verify my email address?

Click on the option called Send OTP and also check your spam or junk mail

Do I need to enter my middle name?

Yes, you can. You are required to give your name as it appears on your ID documents.

What is a PEP?

PEP refers to Politically Exposed Personnel. It is someone who has held a position of influence in the government or the public services or is closely related to such person. If you were PEP more than 3 years ago and currently do not hold such position, you do not qualify for a PEP.

What if my address is not reflecting in the address option?

If you are unable to find your address from the displayed addresses, then please check the box against ‘Address not found’. The system will allow you to enter the address as it is.

Can I verify my mobile number later?


What can I do if I have received a message that my ID is unable to be confirmed?

Please contact our Client Services Team via email ( or 02- 92415643) Please be aware our Client Services Team is available Monday – Friday 9am AEST to 4:00 p.m.

Is my information safe with SBI?

Yes, you information is safe with us. We apply multiple techniques to protect the confidentiality of your personal data such as end to end encryption and industry level database protection.

Whom can I contact if I am facing any problem with the Sign-up process?

Please contact our Client Services Team via email ( or 02- 92415643) Please be aware our Client Services Team is available Monday – Friday 9am AEST to 4:00 p.m.

Can I register as an non individual for eRemit?

Yes. But it will have to be done as per the paper form attached on the website. Non Individual entities cannot be onboarded online.