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Syndicated Loans Details

Syndicated Loans

A syndicated loan is a mix of multiple bank debt offerings whose main aim is to provide the client with a large sum of Short, Medium and Long Term bank debt with a usual maturity range of 365 days to 5 years, provided by 2 or more financial institutions. Our syndication group provides these loans for a range of business transactions; from corporate loans to fund working capital needs - including project and structured finance or refinancing an existing facility. We are flexible in performing our role,  and focused on identifying and meeting the very unique needs of our clients. We undertake lead debt roles, either on sole or on joint basis with other Australian domestic or foreign financial institutions.


We participate in the loan syndication:

  • Mandated Lead Arranger (MLA)
  • Underwriter and MLA
  • Book runner
  • Participant
  • Agent Bank


For More Information contact us to learn more about how we can work with you in providing or participating in syndicated loans.

This product/service is generally suitable for corporates or large corporates.  All applications for product/service are subject to State Bank of India, Australia credit approval criteria. Terms and conditions will be available in your offer. Fees and charges will apply.

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