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Rates & Fees

Rates & Fees

Rates effective from 01/12/2023

Card Rate Special Rate
3 4.75 % -
6 4.90 % -
12 5.10 % -
24 5.10 % -
36 5.00 % -
48 4.50 % -
60 4.50 % -

Current account interest rates: at present current RBA cash rate is 4.35%

Type of Current Account Applicable Rate Effective Rate
VOSTRO Cash Rate -4.35% 0.00%
Corporate / Public Account NIL 0.00%
Staff current account Cash Rate + 0.50% 4.85%
DSR Account 6M TD Rate -0.25% 4.65%

*Special rate will be applicable on the single deposit of AUD 1.00 Mio and above.


Please contact us for special rates for above deposit amount AUD 5 Mio & above. Product Issuer of Term Deposits is State Bank of India, Australia AFSL 238340

Rates & Fees

Current Account & Term Deposit Fees and Charges

This document must be read in conjunction with SBIS Terms and Conditions

Particulars Current Account Term Deposit
Account set up charges Individual $50
Corporate $100
Bilateral Credit $200
Not applicable
Annual Account Maintenance Charges $500 Not Applicable
Charges for non-maintenance of Average Quarterly Balance
Balance to be maintained
Individuals - $5,000
Corporate - $10,000
Individual $100
Corporate $200
(to be debited quarterly)
Not Applicable
Transaction fee for customer transfers requests (MT103) $25 per payment Not Applicable
Additional Transaction / Cheque Deposit Fees
Cheque Deposit Electronic Transaction
Fees applicable to your account will be charged at monthly intervals unless otherwise advised by SBIS.
Outward Dishonour Fee
Charged when
direct debit or a periodic payment is dishonoured due to lack of cleared funds.
$40.00 per dishonour Not applicable
Inward Dishonour Fee
Charged when a cheque deposited to your account is dishonoured.
NIL Not applicable
Honour Fee
Charged on each occasion that the account is overdrawn or exceeds its maximum credit limit without prior arrangement with SBIS.
$25.00 Not applicable
Debit interest fees
Charged on an overdrawn account that does not have an approved credit limit
10% p.a. 10 % p.a.
Re-presentation and Collection of Dishonoured Cheques A cheque which has previously been deposited into your account and dishonoured due to lack of funds can be presented again on a collection basis (SBIS forwards the cheque for payment to be made by the drawer's bank when sufficient funds are available). $30.00  
Replacement Statements (per page)
Additional Statements (per statement)
May be printed and issued simultaneously with the original or printed simultaneously with the original and issued to a third party.
Certificate of Balance
$10.00 (min. $20.00)
Duplicate / Triplicate Deposit Books $3.00  
Stop PaymentCheques
reported stolen are exempt from this fee when a copy of the police report is provided.
Account Closure
a. Accounts with balance of AU$ 25.00 or less (or its foreign currency equivalent)
b. Accounts with balance more than AU$ 25.00 (or its foreign currency equivalent)
Balance will not be returned
Full balance will be returned
Full balance will be returned
Transfer of Funds to Another Bank By SBIS Customers
An additional charge if lodging cheques
Where transfer fees are paid by drawing on bank account of favouree (additional):
Individual transactions
Transactions drawn periodically
$15.00    $0.35 per cheque
$3.00 per deposit
$2.20 per deposit (min. $17.60 monthly drawing)
Confirmations/Certificate issued to Auditors on Customer request AUD $100 per certificate AUD $100 per certificate


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